WINK hair + makeup began because a group of like minded creatives had a passion for making women look and feel confident and beautiful. We are artists that love constantly learning how to enhance natural beauty and teaching what we know to clients and other artists. 



co-owner + artist + stylist

As luck would have it, Kristi Martinson’s career in the beauty industry started right out of high school. She began working at the Clinique counter while attending college for her art degree. During that time, Kristi recognized her love for all things makeup and beauty. Applying what she learned in college—color theory, highlighting, shading, etc.—Kristi continued her makeup education through working for various cosmetic companies, such as Bobbi Brown, and then eventually, MAC as a 3rd Key Artist. During her time at MAC is where she met WINK co-founder, Krystal Lehman, and in 2016, WINK Hair and Makeup was born. An artist truly in love with all facets of makeup, Kristi enjoys executing any and every look. “I love it all. I get bored [easily], so I need variety,” she describes. When working with a client, Kristi listens diligently to their beauty concerns and creates a look that reflects their true, gorgeous features. She would consider her strength in makeup and business—precision and professionalism. “I am a perfectionist with every style. [One] shouldn’t see where products start and stop, lashes [should] look like they are growing out of a natural lash bed, the eyebrow [should] be in focus, etc.” On the days where Kristi is not picking up a set of makeup brushes, you’ll likely catch her heading down to her favorite place, Nags Head, with her family. For more of Kristi's talents, see her portfolio here.

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co-owner + artist + lash extension tech

It seems as if Long Island native Krystal Lehman was destined for a career in beauty. As a young woman living, Krystal was enamored with the looks of the clerks at the MAC counter; so much so, that she began to have her makeup done as often as possible. It was from there that Krystal began to replicate these looks to expand her makeup talents. “I’ve always been girly and liked makeup,” Krystal explains. Her next step was a natural transition—to work as an artist for MAC. It was within that fourteen-year time frame at MAC that Krystal honed her skills, built vast experience, and met the other co-founder of WINK, Kristi Martinson. While Krystal really enjoys executing a beautiful, fresh look, she works hard to be well rounded in her artistry by “[going] outside of the box and be[ing] creative” when the occasion calls for it. Her strengths when working with a client lie in her innate ability to listen to what they want. Krystal asks a lot of questions, so she can create a look you will feel the most confident and beautiful. Outside of makeup artistry and being the co-founder of WINK, Krystal can be found spending time with family, cruising in her classic cars, or caring for her seven dogs (one being a wolf!). To view Krystal's full portfolio, head here.



artist + lash extension tech

Though, Janna Harley, always enjoyed doing her own hair and makeup, it wasn’t until an overseas adventure where her interest into becoming a makeup artist grew. She was so drawn to makeup artistry, Janna began practicing on friends, working for MAC, and eventually, went to school to get her Esthetician’s License. Her younger sister, Lesley, as Janna will tell you, was always her biggest fan and motivator. “Without her confidence in me, I don’t know that I would have ever pursued a career in makeup.” Janna would consider her style of makeup artistry as intentional, natural, and enhanced. “I like to make the most of women’s natural beauty,” she exclaims, “I love when people want to embrace their natural hair texture and skin tone.” Her approach to working with clients means building a rapport with them, so her clients feel well cared for. On a day outside of beauty work, Janna lives with her husband in Wake Forest where they care for and train their three pups and flock of forty-five chickens. To see all of Janna's beauty work, you can view Janna's full portfolio here.


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Growing up with three sisters, it was difficult for Samantha Anderson not to be surrounded by all things beauty. Even though she’s been doing hair and makeup for ten years, her experience as a self-taught stylist began way earlier in life through watching her Mom get ready or style her sisters for ballet recitals. Over time, Samantha became the one to turn to for hair and makeup. Since moving from her native state of Florida, Samantha has assisted numerous bridal stylists in North Carolina before landing on the WINK Team in 2017. Samantha would describe her bridal styles are inspired, effortless, and clean. When talking with each client in her chair, she works hard to get down to the root of a person’s hair expectations, likes, and dislikes; ultimately, creating a look that is not forced, beautiful, and unique to the client. Though you can find Samantha working her hairstylist magic on weekends, her talents don’t stop there. She also stays home part time with her two boys as well as works for the Invisible Girl Project; a non-profit organization that is actively fighting the gendercide atrocity in India. You can learn more by visiting To see some of Sam’s beautiful hair styles, you can view her portfolio here.

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A painter, singer, dancer, and makeup artist, Maritza Smitley is a true talent and artist. Her career in the beauty industry began as fun with friends through learning varying dance styles, such as go go, jazz, and hip hop. Being immersed in the industry, Maritza was surrounded by makeup artists of all styles and experience levels. She learned her artistry through assisting top artists for hair and fashion shows, freelancing for cosmetic companies, and by attending pro classes. Reflecting on her almost twenty years of experience, Maritza would say her favorite part about makeup is manipulating quality products to help clients feel and look amazing. While her makeup style is glam with a touch of bold, one of her makeup strengths is also perfecting the skin, so that makeup is almost unnecessary. As Maritza would put it, “A no makeup, makeup look.” Maritza, originally from Puerto Rico, now lives with her husband and cat, Leyla, in Wake Forest. When she isn’t busy making up clients, you’ll find her playing music, preparing a healthy meal at home, or enjoying old movies."

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