Makeup trends that need to disappear according to this MUA

Happy New Year WINK babes! What better way to begin 2017 than putting out into the universe which trends should stay in 2016. Contouring is such an obvious trend that most makeup artists I know desperately want to be rid of. So instead of going the obvious route, I decided to think of the top 3 trends, in my opinion, that should never see the light of day ever again….ever. As a self proclaimed makeup junkie, I love trying every new trend and playing in makeup. I have left my home while wearing some pretty intense makeup looks. These three looks not only made me feel less confident when I stepped out, but had me questioning WTF was I thinking.

Trend #1: The “I’m wearing so much thick makeup that my face looks like a mask” trend. I understand that women want to look flawless and perfected, but when a 17-25 year old woman is wearing Double Wear foundation, setting it with Studio Fix foundation powder, and contouring her face to the gods at 9:30a, it just makes me wonder what the hell is this beautiful, younger person trying to hide?! I’m not an advocate for the ‘no makeup, makeup’ look because I know sometimes shit needs to be spackled. But day-to-day makeup looks should be much softer than this full coverage foundation trend. Plus all that makeup is a bitch to wash off. The Solution: Find an amazing skin regimen that really works for you. Once your skin is perfected, there is no need to hide under all that makeup. A little spot concealer to even out, setting powder and blush is all you will need to look fresh and flawless. 

Trend #2: The "Overlining your lips to look like they have been stung lips” trend. It never looks right. In pictures, over lining may look like your lips are perfectly plump and luscious, but in person it looks like you were playing in your momma’s makeup. The Solution: Skip the lip injections, skip spending 20 minutes of your life over-lining your lips and just find a great shade of lipstick that makes you feel confident and sassy.

Trend #3: Using heavy concealer under the brows. It isn’t needed. Concealer can be useful to shape out the brow, but when it’s applied heavily to shape and highlight, it can start to look like a floating eyebrow. Also, if you’re in-between waxes and your brows are beginning to look more like Frida Kahlo's, using concealer heavily can actually accentuate how desperately they need to be groomed. The Solution: Spot tweeze where you need to and softly fill in your brows. They will look natural and beautiful while showcasing your knock-out eyes.

Which trends are you ready to say, "good riddance" to? 

;) KM