Romantic Meets City Chic

The Beauty Of Juxtaposition

Two bridal worlds collide--both vintage romance and city industrial--in this effortless, modern styled wedding photographed by Danielle Riley Photography

While the hair was kept soft, feminine, and windswept ringing true of romance, the makeup played more into the contemporary element of the day. Pairing a bold, cool eye with a nude lip, the combination of chic with timeless was a perfect complement. Of course, the look wouldn't be finished without flowers adorning the bride's hair.

This shoot is the ideal inspiration for a bride looking to design the perfect day that is both classic and stylish. To preview all of beautiful, eclectic pairings from this Bustle feature, click here.

Vendor Team

Photography: Danielle Riley Photography
Planning, Styling + Florals: Plume Events
Hair + Makeup: WINK Kristi
Venue: Devolve
Cake: Cupcakes D'Amour
Calligrapher: Raleigh Calligraphy
Sweets: Sweet Water Ices
Rentals: Greenhouse Picker Sisters

Wink Hair and Makeup Raleigh NC North Carolina Wedding Bridal
Wink Hair and Makeup Raleigh NC North Carolina Wedding Bridal
Wink Hair and Makeup Raleigh NC Bridal Wedding North Carolina
Wink Hair and Makeup Raleigh NC North Carolina Bridal Wedding Bride

Spring 2018 Beauty Inspo

As it's officially Spring here in North Carolina (even if it may not feel like it most days!), here at WINK we wanted to showcase all that's trending in beauty for the newest season.

Spring 2018 welcomed a return of the ponytail, celebrated negative space in nail art, and didn't shy away from unique, bold eyeliner applications. 

View more on what's trending in this season below.


Wink Hair and Makeup Raleigh NC North Carolina Hair and Makeup Team

This season seemed to break all the rules with eyeliner. Double stacked liner, colorful, bold, interrupted, stamped, upside down, and outline eyeliner were all seen on the runways for Spring. All in all, wear your eyeliner how ever you'd like, because it's in style.

While eyeliner stole the show, a return to delicate also made an appearance. Paired with a glossy eye or dewy cheeks, the au naturale face with a barely there cheek will continue to be ever present on runways, magazines, and for everyday wear.

Sprays of glitter were the last big makeup trend on runways this season. Whether it's chunky glitter strategically placed on lips, a golden beam of highlight on the cheeks, or a sparkly eye from lash line to brow bone--glitter always has a time and a place.


Wink Hair and Makeup Raleigh NC Hair Makeup Bridal Team North Carolina Spring Inspiration Trends 2018

Thank goodness this year welcomes the return of the ponytail. A double stacked ponytail, low pony, or a braided pony were all seen among the photos from various shows. Ponytails are an effortless hairstyle I think everyone can agree to and get behind (and hopefully it's not going anywhere anytime soon!).

On the opposite end of hair, the runways showcased unruly texture in both up and down styles. Curls that weren't so perfect and polished, waves that are deconstructed and slept in, as well as diffused curls mimicking big hair of the eighties. In essence, roll out of bed and own that natural curl.


Wink Hair and Makeup Team Raleigh NC Spring 2018 Beauty Inspiration Hair Makeup Trends

Same as with eyeliner, nail art didn't seem to have any rules this season. While many nail trends made their way to the runway this Spring, negative space stood out as the trendsetter of the season. From a delicate petal pattern at the tips of the nails to a single strip on your ring finger, anything goes for nails in Spring 2018.

What hair, makeup, or nail trends are you excited to own or try in 2018? Let us know in the comments below!

Hello. We are WINK hair + makeup

We would love to introduce ourselves to you so you can get to know our team a little better.

I am Kristi Martinson, co-owner and makeup artist for WINK! Previously, I owned and operated Makeup By Kristi Lynn. I started MKL in 2009 and it was just me. A lonely makeup artist. I was on my own for a very long time when a wedding planner and good friend suggested I team up with a hairstylist and expand my little business. She suggested Theresa! Best advice I have ever gotten. I instantly fell in love with Theresa's sweet, laid back personality and her incredible talent. We worked together for over a year before I decided to expand, yet again, and create WINK with fellow artist Krystal Lehman. 

Krystal managed a popular cosmetic line for 8 years as well as her own freelance event makeup company, Krys Artistry. Krystal is the yin to my yang. My weaknesses are her strengths and visa versa. We had worked together for several years before, so we knew we would be a great leadership team. Watching Krystal do makeup was always one of my favorite things to do when we worked together. She makes the most dramatic or intricate of makeup looks seem effortless. 

Amber and Janna are the two amazing artists we sought out to add to our team. Amber is my sister and best friend. She started out at a popular cosmetic company in 2003 before deciding to pursue photography in 2008. Amber is a talented artist and photographer. Her background in photography helps immensely in knowing what makeup looks photograph well and what doesn't. Amber specializes in beautiful makeup looks that bring out the natural beauty in every woman.

Krystal and I worked with Janna for several years at the cosmetic counter. When discussing who we would like to represent our brand, Janna was one of the first names we came up with. Her sweet, soft-spoken demeanor and artistic talent instantly put people at ease. Janna also offers eyelash extensions! So if you want your long lashes to lash longer than the evening, Janna can give you long, lush, natural looking lashes that will stick around through the wedding, through the honeymoon, and back home again. 

Amy was such a happy find! Amy is a wedding planner, floral expert, vintage furniture rental owner, and hairstylist. She really is the go-to gal for all things wedding related. I met Amy when she asked if Makeup By Kristi Lynn would be a vendor at an open house for a new-ish wedding venue. Of course, I was all about it! I met her and instantly liked her beautiful southern style. When we found out she also did hair, we had to have her on our team. Her background in ballet and dance taught Amy how to do the most intricate and beautiful hairstyles I have ever seen. 

And finally, we circle back around to Theresa. Theresa does all things hair. She owned a chair at a salon for 12 years where she cut, colored, and styled hair. She once told me that her passion was styling and working weddings, so when Theresa and I paired up, she quit her salon and began exclusively concentrating on styling hair for MKL, and now WINK. Like I said in the beginning, pairing up with Theresa was the best advice I have ever been given. Theresa is crazy talented and one of the best people I have ever had the privilege to work with. 

Now you know all about the WINK ladies and how we got started. We are all very passionate about what we do, which is bringing out the beauty of each and every client. We hope to hear from you soon!!